parasol'e özel arama kutusu



she was born there and grew up there.. she belly danced like the others did to earn a life... at the behind of this joy she was showing, a thousand tears were running down inside mixing with her blood.. she beleived that this was it... her life.. dancing, getting married, having children, selling flowers on the streets after her body is deformed.... but one night, an ordinary one, a man came to watch her... a man with light in his eyes and strength in his hands, a stranger, the dreamer... he gave his hand to her.. to pull her from the depths of the life she was living.. to open new doors where she had never entered before.. "what a miracle, what a magic" she thought... did not hesitate even for a second.. took his hand... went with him.. forgot the past, lived for the present.. she went to thank god... lit a candle for the last time... after some time they told their story to some strangers, italians maybe, they loved the story and decided to shoot a video for that.. so they lived happily ever after....

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thelunatic said...

italians talk too much