parasol'e özel arama kutusu


Empathy (from the Greek εμπάθεια, "to suffer with") is commonly defined as one's ability to recognize, perceive and directly experientially feel the emotion of another. As the states of mind, beliefs, and desires of others are intertwined with their emotions, one with empathy for another may often be able to more effectively divine another's modes of thought and mood. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or experiencing the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself, a sort of emotional resonance.

Without empathy for others, it is not clear why we would ever be motivated by anything other than selfishness. Indeed, a person with a complete lack of empathy might rightly be classified as an amoral sociopath.

I strictly advise people to get rid of their selfishness and try to develop some empathy for the people they care about or of course they always have the chance to continue adoring themselves.. for these people with the adorance illness I recommend they undergo a surgery like marilyn manson and please themselves..

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